A Little About Me…

At heart, I’m just a girl from Connecticut raised in an Italian household who loves to host family and friends. There’s nothing better than a great home cooked meal, lots of good wine, and a house full of guests!

For almost twenty years I’ve been transforming my clients’ homes into spaces they love as an interior designer. But my one true love — or “un vero amore” — has always been to travel. All I need is a suitcase, passport, and my insatiable love of learning from locals.

From Malaysia to San Francisco and everywhere in between, every unique place I’ve stayed in has been my source of inspiration. Why? Because I experienced it all through the eyes of a guest.

And I’ve used that same point of view to help my clients find the right formula to make their property a 5-star success.

It’s not that hard to find interior designers that bring inspiration and ideas. Me? I see design combined with expert marketing as your big, money-making advantage as a vacation rental owner. Because it’s not just about new furniture and a fresh coat of paint! I want to give your guests an experience they’ll be lining up to come back to.

So whether you’re brand new to the vacation rental market or desperately need a rental makeover, I’m the pro who can help you get the bookings your place deserves!

Want to stand out in a sea of vacation rentals? Then give guests a reason to stop and book!

The most memorable places tell a well designed story…

Don’t think there’s anything special or unique about your property? I’ll help you craft a compelling story that pulls guests in and makes them feel like they were a part of something. Then you can sit back and watch those 5-star reviews start rolling in!

Ready for a rental Refresh?

Get started by finding a package and letting me know how I can help.

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